24 June 2016

  • Thanks to a contribution from Bob Sarmany the Transport Trace report has been updated to version 2.6. Check out the release notes for key changes.

24 Feb 2015

  • Mass Download update to 1.5.5 to remove an issue with domains being incorrectly downloaded.

23 Jan 2015

Today we posted an update to the utility classes

  • Utility Classes - version 14.10 - This update removes a syntax error with the demo programs

11 Mar 2012

Today we posted a few more updates, these are:

  • Mass Download Program - version 1.5.1
  • Transport Trace Report - version 2.5
  • User Locking Report - version 2.1

11 Nov 2011

It has been a while since we posted any updates, today I am pleased to say we have released a new version of Mass Download, v1.5 contains all of the updates provided by the user community, plus two significant updates:

  • The ability to download Table Types
  • The ability to download Transformations (XSLTs)
Many users have asked for further additions to the product, mostly BSP and WebDynpro related. Unfortunately we don't have the time to add major new features from scratch. The new features in this latest release were were provided by the community and fully integrated into the product by ourselves. If you would like to contribute to the software then feel free to write the new functionality you need (find, extract and download) and then we will do our best to work with that, integrate it and expand it; so it supports recursive searching etc.

18 Sept 2010

Utility classes have now been updated with the latest fixes and enhancements. The current version is 14 sp9.

12 April 2010

Added a new download to the solutions page. The "Utility classes" download has been developed over many years and is the base for quite a few solutions within the company.

10 April 2010

Added a new program to the solutions page. The solution allows the Basis team to effectively lock users during support packs and upgrades. We hope you find it useful.

16 Feb 2010

Things are still very hectic for us. Over the next few months we plan to release some more programs with source. In the meantime we have uploaded a new version of Mass Download which fixes a bug with namespaces (thanks to the community). The Mass Download program was also split into two versions, prior to 7.00 and for 7.00+. The latest bug fixes were also back ported to the 6.20 version of the program.

11 May 2009

These days we have little time to upload new code, today we uploaded a new version of Mass Download which incorporates a couple of bug fixes. Both fixes were contributed by the user community, thanks to everybody who send us updates and bug reports.

24 June 2008

Things have been busy recently so we have had very little time to work on any of the code on the site. Today though we have uploaded a bug fixed version of Mass Download and version 2.0 of the Transport Trace program. We hope you like the changes we have made to the transport trace program, it has taken us ages to re-develop and test and we are very happy with the results. Hopefully the wait was worth it!

18 Mar 2008

SAPLINK is a program to upload/download SAP code, it is an open source program hosted on Google and developed by SAP developers. To save you all time and effort we have added an additional download link to our solutions. The SAPLINK Nugget download can be used by the SAPLINK program to automatically upload all the required code and dictionary objects needed to run the solution. In future we will try to do this for any new solutions we create.

10 Dec 2007

Today we uploaded two more software programs for you to download and use, firstly there is a Syntax Checker program to help you with your development activities. Secondly a program to trace transports throughout the SAP landscape. We hope you find them both useful! You can check out all the cool new software from the solutions tab at the top of this page.

All of the downloads are available in HTML formatted ZIP files created by the "Mass Download" program. Going forward we will also distribute them as SAPLINK "nugget files" and also as SAP transports.

26 Nov 2007

It's been a long time since we updated our web site, and finally we managed it. Over the last few days we have tested and fixed a couple of things and I am pleased to say that we are "now good to go". We have also added in a way for people to contact us with suggestions and bug reports (previously we were spammed badly so we removed the feature).

Over the next few weeks/months we will add more software and solutions to the site. The old software was way out of date and new OO solutions have been designed. We have uploaded a new version of Mass Download to fix numerous bugs which people have reported and to add compatibility with the W3C XHTML specification.

There's loads more software to come so keep and eye on the site and we will endeavour to please.

21 Oct 2007

Support of Direct Download for SAP systems prior to version 6.20 has been discontinued due to lack of available development servers. Direct download Enterprise will now be renamed as Mass Download and will be available in only one version. We will however still make available the original Direct Download for R/3 4.6c & d systems although as stated above it is now unsupported.