Mass Download - Release Notes
Fixed - Domain values were being incorrectly downloaded.
New - Fixed domain values are now downloaded when downloading DD structures.
Fixed - Includes in the function group main program were ignored.
Added - Ability to download table types - With thanks to K Barter.
Added - Ability to download transformations - With thanks to K Barter.
Fixed - Out of memory issue downloading table definitions.
Fixed - Other fixes provided by the community.
Fixed - Specifying individual programs to download resulting in only the first program downloading - Reported by K Barter.
Fixed - The descriptive names of .INCLUDES were missing when downloading DDIC tables/structures - Reported by K Barter.
Fixed - Namespaces in some routines were restricted to two characters.
Fixed - Function includes were not found if prefaced by a namespace.
Fixed - Methods are now linked to from the downloaded class.
Fixed - Removed hard coded breakpoint.
Fixed - Methods in BAdi's were not being downloaded if the BAdi name was longer than expected.
Improved - Dictionary objects are now stored within one directory, multiple versions of the same objects are no longer written to the file system.
Fixed - Long runtime when downloading large function groups.
Fixed - Global class methods were not being downloaded if they belonged to an interface.
Fixed - White space was missing in comment sections.
Improved - Compatibility with 6.20 systems.
Fixed - Avoid possible automation error whilst picking a filename - Reported by Nuno Dionisio.
Fixed - Wrong methods being downloaded for scanned class
Fixed - Some dictionary structures were being skipped. Fixed - Redefined methods were being downloaded but without the code in them - reported by Walter Pointner.
Improved - HTML output is now XHTML & CSS compliant and complies with the W3C specification.
Improved - HTML output now has a new look and feel.
Fixed - Download programs for author - wildcard package search broken.
Fixed - Download function group by author - wildcard function group search was ignored.
Fixed - Sap tables not being found on searches.
Fixed - Subroutines pools not being downloaded.
Fixed - Remove unallowed characters from windows based filenames and directories.
Fixed - No structure returned if using the declaration "type standard table of".
Added - Expanded selection screen options.
Added - Added F4 drop downs to fields.
Added - Ability to download to SAP server.
Fixed - Stopped rogue class names appearing when using chained data statements.
Fixed - Stopped "class-definition load" being mis-interpreted as a dictionary structure within class definitions.
Added - restructured class definitions that have been created by the class builder and formatted as 72 characters. The code is now displayed up to 255 characters wide.
Fixed - Stopped tables being downloaded incorrectly if downloading by username.
Added - Now downloads user includes when downloading function groups.
Added - Pattern searching for programs, classes, function modules and function groups.
Added line numbers to downloaded tables and structures.
Added the ability to sort downloaded tables and structures by fieldnames.
Fixed - Stopped downloading gui-texts for program if screens were not to be downloaded.
Fixed - Screen description was not being downloaded as part of the screen.
Fixed - Variables with the text 'functional' where being trashed on HTML conversion of the document.
Fixed - Classes would not be downloaded if they were being referenced statically through a class attribute e.g. myVar = <class>=>TRUE, or if calling methods only had one receiving parameter e.g. myVar = <class>-><method>( ).