Transport Trace - Release Notes
14.0 sp 9
Fix - Class ZCL_DT_BACKGROUND. The class was incorrectly specified as "public", it has now been changed to "Abstract".

Fix - In method ZCL_DT_LOGICALFILENAMES=>PICKFILENAMES, which prevented any filenames being returned.

Fix - In method ZCL_DT_SPREADSHEET=>CREATECONTENTS. Allows different formatting of decimal content to the one specified in the user master settings. E.g a spreadhseet may have been created in German but loaded in SAP by a user with English settings.

Fix - Added Logical filepath ZDT_TEMPORARY_PATH to the transport as it was missing and causing new instances of class ZCL_DT_FILE to fail with an error message.

Fix - In method ZCL_DT_UTILITIES=ISDEBUGGINGENABLED. Changed the memory ID from X to the current running program.

New method – PICKTRANSPORT added to class ZCL_DT_TRANSPORTS.

New - Method ZCL_DT_CONVERSIONS=>FORMATCASEORPAD. If the passed in value contains ALPHANUMERIC then convert to upper case. If the field contains NUMERIC only then pad with leading zeros.

New - Class ZCL_DT_FTP split into two new classes, ZCL_DT_FTP_SAP and ZCL_DT_FTP_SCRIPT to make them more understandable and useable.

14.0 sp 8
Initial version for Basis 6.20 - 7.00