Transport Trace 2

The transport trace tool reports on transports and their status throughout the SAP landscape. Using a simple selection screen and an ALV report you can see where in the landscape the transports actually are.

The report utilises the logging within the SAP transport system to detail the transport progress and to also show transport deletions before or after being imported into SAP system. You can customise the transport view, hiding transports so that they are not reported on again in the future.

Can't remember where your transports actually are, you can now!

  • Find transports belonging to one or more systems
  • Specify different target systems
  • Displayed as an ALV report

New in Version 2

  • Import results are shown as colours within the ALV cell
  • Details transports missing after a system refresh
  • Choose the transport types to report on
  • Tracing logic re-written
  • Selection screen tidied up
  • ALV updated to give clearer information
  • New fields added to ALV report
    • Project
    • Drill down to transport log
    • Drill down to transport details

The transport trace tool has been tested on SAP R/3 Basis 6.20 - 7.40.

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