User Locking 2

The user locking program was designed to make the locking an unlocking of users easier during support pack or upgrade projects.

This program provides a clear and concise interface to allow the following actions to be performed:

  • Allow the Basis team and business testers to be pre-assigned.
  • Never allow locking of key users DDIC,TMSADM etc.
  • Pre-defined Basis users are never locked.
  • Locking users.
    • Lock by user type and user class.
    • Lock individual users.
    • Only lock users who were not locked.
    • Locked users are written to a custom table.
  • Unlock Users.
    • Unlock all users specified in our custom lock table.
    • Unlock individual users from our custom lock table.
    • Unlock all of the testers.
  • Report on users currently locked by the program.
  • Report on audit records created by this program.
  • User re-alignment possible if user master was updated through SU01.
  • Audit table updated with any user changes.
  • Standard SAP BAPI used for locking/unlocking. SAP change records are created for user reporting in SU01.

The User Locking program was written and tested on SAP NW 7.00+

All programs on this website are licensed under the GNU GPL, all functions and classes under the GNU LGPL