Software Solutions
Mass Download is program that recursively searches for code, documentation and data dictionary objects and then downloads them in either text or HTML format for easy offline browsing and incorporation into technical documentation.
Ever wanted to syntax lots of code at once, say in a development class, If so this is the program for you. It syntax checks programs, function groups and classes and displays the report in a drill down ALV grid for easy fixing. Great if you have made changes to a global class and don't know the repercussions.
Need to know what stage transports are in the system landscape. This report reads the transport logs and displays the progress in a nice easy to read ALV display.
The user locking program was designed to make the locking an unlocking of users easier during support pack or upgrade projects.
A set of ABAP Object classes to make programming tasks easier for developers. These classes contain a useful selection of tools to enhance your daily SAP Programming.